I came across this article today while doing some research on independent grocery stores. I think it’s a thorough explanation of how important independent businesses are for communities. It’s no joke competing against the corporate grocery stores.

The challenges we face are as follows:
The stigma of being “independent” is thus more expensive because of our low volume.
I encourage you all to price compare. I have done this and find that on the “same” or “like” items we are extremely competitive and often beat pricing. Of course we don’t sell non organic apples and oranges, etc.
Low to no marketing budget.
We are easily forgotten and overlooked by consumers who are barraged with marketing from the major brands.

On the plus side:
Educated staff that care about health and nutrition. We exist to offer a better overall product offering than our competition and in Ramona!
One of the biggest compliments we get is: “We would not have moved to Ramona if Ramona Family Naturals was not here.” ( the realtors should give us a commission).
If you consider the treacherous drive to natural market options down the hill, you can conclude RFN is saving lives!
Great prices! We actually purchases about 2 billion dollars per year collectively with our INFRA partners and are able to negotiate great deals via our vendors with this relationship.
Comfortable and beautiful location to shop. We have so may essentials that it’s very pleasing for our customers to run in and get what they need without distractions, myriads of isles and options of stuff they don’t want or need to sift through.

Most importantly, wonderful & caring staff who treat our customers like Family!

Robert Bradley